Caring for your product

Please follow the care instructions on your products care labels.

Many of our home products look great inside and outdoors and we believe you should embrace your outdoor space as much as you can. However, please do not leave your products outside overnight as they may get damp and again this will cause discoloring of your item.

All our products have been carefully tested and have care labels attached to your product. We recommend that you follow these guidelines at all times in order to ensure your product stands the test of time.

Below are some key points worth noting for our products:


  • Where indicated Machine Washable, we specify 30 degrees on a gentle wash
  • We recommend product should be line dried without delay
  • Where we have recommended them to be dry cleaned, this is due to the hand craftsmanship involved and when machine washing would not be suitable
  • We do recommend you wash dark and light colours separately


  • We do NOT recommend to use a tumble drier as this can cause shrinkage and the heat, can create colours to be discoloured and zips to melt, if the item is left in too long
  • We do NOT recommend you wash dark and light colours together
  • We do NOT recommend you machine wash or iron any products with a wipe clean or plastic coating

If you have any concerns on how to look after your product, we would be more than happy to answer any questions. Please email us at and remember to specify the product you have purchased to avoid any delay in answering your questions.


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