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Pignut - The Story So Far
Pignut - Pignut Flower
Pignut - The Story So Far

Pignut loves the country in all its different seasonal guises. We relish its easy casualness, its association with relaxed informality and dress down days.

We associate it with escaping from the noise and hurly burly of our busy urban lives and with cherished, pleasant memories - both from our childhood and more recent days. It’s not surprising then that our range of homeware products are inspired by the British countryside and informed by its character.


All of our products are British designed and incorporate craft techniques, such as blanket and running stitching, that speak of bygone days and techniques that have stood the test of time. Produced using natural, textured materials, each design is invested with time and care to bring you a quality product at a reasonable price. All of our homeware items are manufactured abroad, using modern techniques and under ethical conditions.


Casual in overall style, our products have been designed to mix and match, so that you can combine patterns, colours and textures with ease and in keeping with your style, décor and mood.

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Why are we called Pignut? For our casual living, country style brand we chose a name which makes it home in the woods and fields of the countryside across Britain and Europe. Conopodium Majus is a small perennial herb, whose underground part resembles a chestnut and is sometimes eaten as a wild or cultivated root vegetable. From its popularity with pigs come the names Pignut, and we thought this was a fun, memorable if not slightly quirky name, plus it’s one you won’t forget in a hurry!

We also welcome trade enquiries from like-minded retailers around the world who also have customers who want to breathe some British country fun and fresh air into their stores. Please visit our Become a Stockist page for further details of how.

Press enquiries are handled by our lovely and super talented local agency, Simpler PR, so if you would like to feature any of our products and spread the love, we would be very grateful. Please visit our Press Contact Page for full details.


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