Who we are

Pignut is a country inspired lifestyle brand who believe life is better with a little bit of character.

We are a family of Pignutters in the heart of the beautiful Somerset countryside, who believe that life isn't something to simply live, just as your home shouldn't be somewhere to just exist.  It should be a place you can relax and enjoy life's simple pleasures; a lazy Sunday morning reading the paper, or warming up in front of the fire after a walk in the country.

Our products are beautifully designed with unique and timeless style, adding character to your home and a little happiness to your day.  Made from high quality materials that are built for down to earth living, but add refinement to your home.

Each collection has a distinctive style but has been designed with versatility in mind, complementing each other to achieve the perfect aesthetic for your home, whatever your style.

Patchwork Red Collection


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